Grazie a questo plugin è possibile aggiungere l’editor TinyMCE anche alle pagine di modifica categoria e tag all’interno di WordPress.

Scaricabile da qui:

oppure dal codex qui:

Versione 1.0.2

  1. Buongiorno Andrea,
    La domanda è banalissima, davvero, ma è che non ho capito se questo plugins possa servire al mio bisogno, mi spiego 🙂

    Io ho un Blog che parla di orologi, dove ho creato qualcosa come oltre 200 categorie (corrispondenti ad ogni marchio di cui abbiamo recensito o scritto)

    In questi giorni stiamo creando delle pagine (senza che ci giro tanto intorno, è un discorso di SEO) e vorrei capire questo plugins se mi permette di inserire tag come si fa per gli articoli, e quali sono le altre funzioni.
    Scusami davvero per la domanda banalissima, ma dalla descrizione non capisco.

    Buon tutto

  2. Ciao Teodoro.

    Questo plugin ti permette semplicemente di aggiungere TinyMCE all’area di testo presente nelle pagine di modifica categoria e tags all’interno del pannello admin. Un plugin che può servire solo in rari casi quando ad esempio si ha l’esigenza di avere delle categorie con delle descrizioni formattate in html.

  3. Hi Andrea!
    Good plugin!
    But I want to suggest some improvements:
    1. Add
    remove_filter(‘pre_term_description’, ‘wp_filter_kses’);
    function to plugin activation section. It switchs off filters that strips out img tags from cat/tag description when saving it to db.
    2. To the RichCategoryEditor class add
    function display_desc() {
    if (is_tax() || is_tag() || is_category()) {
    global $wp_query;
    $term = $wp_query->get_queried_object();
    $taxonomy = $term->taxonomy;
    $term = $term->term_id;
    $term = get_term( $term, $taxonomy );
    echo $term->description.”.PHP_EOL;
    This function must be used in templates files to display cat/tag description. It aloows to bypass wp output filters wich also strips some tags.
    In result you’ll be able to insert images and other advanced html to cat/tag description. I have tested this functions on WP 2.9!

  4. Thanks Max…I’m going to cut and paste your code soon and credits you…or if you want send me the modified code so I can upgrade immediately.

  5. Ciao Andrea,

    un bel plugin, secondo me l’unica pecca è l’assenza del tasto per fare l’upload dei media (come su qualsiasi articolo o pagina).
    Confido in un prossimo aggiornamento!

    Intanto grazie per l’ottimo lavoro.


  6. @Damiano grazie mille…nella prossima vediamo se riesco a farlo.

  7. Hi Andrea,

    I would like to suggest you to add a HTML tab in this plugin, like we have the Visual and HTML tab when we are writing posts. Is it possible?

  8. Ok @Fabio…as soon as possible;)

  9. In wp-2.9.1 no work. i´m not view the html editor in category / tags page

  10. Hi @Armando Beltrán and Welcome. I see all working in my 2.9.1 ! Try editing a category that already exists.

  11. Yes, the plugin work fine in my home, but not in my office. I don´t know what occurred.

  12. Hey I have the newest version wordpress and I activated this plugin. I go to my category page and I see no editor for category description 🙁

    Can I gave you admin login account to my test wp and maybe you can see what is wrong ?

    Please email me Armando @ virendar1515 [at]

    also reply here so I know you email 🙂

  13. Hi, Andrea the plugin is very nice, but i can manage to display the descripition in the Category Archive, i paste the code RichCategoryEditor::display_desc()

    in archive.php of my template, but nothing happens. Thanks

  14. Hi André I’m gonna test this problem.

  15. This does not work on 2.9.2

  16. Well I install and Activate the Plugin.

    I go to a category, click Edit, and here is the page, no rich editor option.

  17. Hello Andrea.

    I’ve installed TinyMCE Advanced, but category description representing TinyMCE.

    What about TinyMCE Advanced?

  18. Wonderful plugin, thank you!
    In my case (2.9.2) I found that I also needed to install the Plugin “Allow HTML in Category Description”, otherwise the HTML formatting will be filtered out. Available for download at
    I have two questions at this point:
    a) How can I enter HTML mode so that I can format the category description with CSS styles? In your screenshot at you have an editor with an “HTML” button, in WP 2.9.2 there is a tab to switch betwenn HMTL and Visual mode. This tab is missing in the editor that is featured in your plugin. Any idea what I could do?
    b) When inserting images, I have to manually insert the image URLs. Is there any way to connect the editor with the image uploader?
    Help would be greatly appreciated

  19. Related to Category descriptions …..

    Does anyone know how to truncate the category description> I’m pulling the category descriptions to the homepage but need to limit the output?

    Any help much appreciated.

  20. Hi

    Just installed the plugin, works great – thanks.

    As @Thomas asks, is there a way to integrate with the image uploader?


    • You’re welcome.

      I don’t understand what you and thomas mean with the uploader.

      • Hi Andrea

        Thanks for replying. I mean that in the standard WP post editing screen there is a row above the editor.

        This row of buttons include the media buttons that allow you to directly upload images eytc. from a modal. In your plugin the only way to add images is to use the diaglogue that requires the image to be referenced by its path.

        When you instantiate the tinyMCE editor is it possible to get these media buttons included?


  21. Hi Andrea,

    I have installed your plugin and it works great for HTML. I am using WP 3.0.1

    However, is there a way to stop WP from stripping out an image? That would be awesome! I can enter an image, and it shows in the category listing page .. but, not in the archive.

    Thanks and Cheers,


  22. Whooops! I forgot to click on notify!

  23. I would like to suggest you to add a HTML tab in this plugin, like we have the Visual and HTML tab when we are writing posts. Is it possible?

  24. Plugin doesnt work right in wp3.2.1 … bold and links are ok but p and br will be removed… any possibility to fix this?

  25. Andrea complimenti per il plugin, molto utile.
    Ho utilizzato questo plugin per il sito
    Nella versione inglese ancora nella versione beta, questo plugin non funziona. Ho importato gli stessi post e categorie della versione in italiano, ma non funziona nemmeno per le cateorie nuove.
    Per caso hai una vaga idea di come farlo funzionare?

    Grazie per la gentile attenzione
    Un saluto

  26. Hey Andrea,

    I tried installing it on my WP blog, version 3.2.1 – and it works brilliantly. I haven’t tried using BR yet, however I have tried bold, italic, and hyperlinking, and all work perfectly. Great job with this plugin, thank you very much for it! It’s a huge lifesaver!

  27. Ciao Andrea, vorrei sapere se con questo plugin è possibile anche impostare background differenti per ogni categoria.

  28. Alessandro on

    Ciao Andrea
    grazie e complimenti per il tuo plugin.
    Volevo sapere se avevi trovato anche una soluzione per l’inserimento del media upload per rendere più semplice il caricamento delle immagini all’interno della descrizione della categoria.
    Mille grazie


  29. Hi Andrea

    Vey nice plugin, however the only issue that I have found is that when you enter multiple paragraphs, it combines them into a single paragraph.

    Im using WordPress 3.2.1


  30. Hello, I would love to install this plugin.. but it doesn’t seem to be working on version 3.3.1.

    I don’t have many plugins installed, so I don’t think that is the problem.. could you please help.

    I’m not getting any errors, after I removed the autosave plugin from your code..

    but it does start to load and then only some elements show up like the paragraph dropdown.. only it isn’t a normal dropdown, also the status bar of the editor shows.


  31. Hi,

    I’ve installed both the “Rich Category Editor” and “HTML in Category Descriptions” but for some reason the tinymce isnt showing up in the editor. Is there a special version of TinyMCE i need to install?


  32. Hello
    I’m in trouble. When I set up to show the description textarea, the WP keeps the CSS “visibility: hidden;”. Could anyone give me some help, how to solve this problem?

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